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IBU Email Usage Policy

  1. Scope
    This policy applies to all tenured, probationary, part-time academic staff,     full-time academic staff, administrative staff and managers employed by International Burch University.

  2. Policy
    1. Eligibility
      Tenured, probationary and continuing faculty, academic staff, managers, administrative staff are assigned an IBU email account associated with the IBU network account.

    2. Email Account Creation
      Email accounts will be generated for faculty students and staff upon notification from the IBU Human Resources office to create network and email accounts for new employees. Each student and employee will be provided with one IBU email account.

    3. Email Address
      Email accounts are uniquely created based on first and last name, where applicable. The email address are:
      For  students:  [email protected].
      For administrative staff, academic and administrative managers:  [email protected].

    4. Quota and Size Limits
      For academic and administrative staff : 2 GB
      For Head of Departments and units: 3 GB
      For Rectorate, Secretary General, Dean of Faculties : 5 GB

    5. Forwarding
      Forwarding from IBU email addresses to non-IBU email addresses is not supported for IBU employees.

    6. Email Account Privacy and Responsibility
      IBU IT Center strives to protect the privacy of system users, and respects the privacy of correspondence between individuals. IT Center will not examine, interrupt, or monitor the contents of e-mail except for troubleshooting purposes. In case of where IBU is required to review the contents of individual email accounts, procedures defined in the “IBU IT Acceptable Use Policy” will be adhered to.

      All account holders must adhere to relevant university policies, procedures, guidelines, and regulations, including the “IBU IT Acceptable Use Policy”. Users are responsible and accountable for their actions while using the IBU network. All IBU employees should be familiarized themselves with and understand IBU’s compliance within the law regulations on this matter.

    7. Password and Security
      IBU IT Center strives to provide the strongest possible security for IBU computing and network resources.

      Users are expected to create e-mail account passwords, which adhere to security best practices. Users should not share their e-mail password with anyone. IBU IT Center staff will never ask a user for his or her e-mail password. Users who believe that their e-mail account may have been compromised should change their password immediately, and contact the IT Center.

      Mandatory password resets may be required or recommended by IBU IT Center for individual users or for all email system users. Password protection policies and processes will be implemented on an ongoing  basis including password retry restrictions, password aging, password strength assessment and guidelines for password creation.

    8. Email Account Expiry and Deletion

      Termination of Employment

      IBU employee email accounts will be disabled and emails will be deleted based on instructions provided to IBU IT Center by the IBU Human Resources office.

      Long Term Leave

      Email accounts will be disabled by IBU IT Center upon notification from Human Resources for an employee leave of over (3) three months, including sick leave, maternity leave and sabbatical leave. Emails will be retained. The email account will be re-activated upon the employee’s return to work.
      Requests to maintain the email account as active during an employee long-term leave must be submitted to the Human Resources Office by the Managerial Supervisor for approval.